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A letter from the Founder of Writing Commons

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the new site design for Writing Commons, the open education home for writers. Our new design is not only more attractive and accessible thanks to the creative work of Alston Chapman, but it is also much better protected against hackers.

Our new website was precipitated by a recent challenge we faced at Writing Commons: between November 2015 and March 2016, we were repeatedly targeted by hackers who were attempting to profit off of the number of site visitors who visit the site. As a result, we have taken great measures to strengthen our security and eliminate the chance of future threats.

Now that the site has exceeded our original expectations and we see that so many people find value in our project, we promise to redouble our efforts to make this the best possible free resource available to help college-level writers. Recently, to offset costs, we have included a few Google advertisements. Going forward, we want to explore new ways to obtain the resources we need to continue growing the site.  That said, don’t worry: we remain committed to offering Writing Commons free of charge.

Joe Moxley, JoeMoxley at gmail dot com
Founder, Writing Commons

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