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Jose Aparicio
PhD student, University of South Florida

Robert Miller
Reference and Instruction Librarian, University of Maryland University College

Sandie Friedman
Assistant Professor of Writing, George Washington University

Cassandra Branham
Editor-In-Chief, Writing Commons

Dr. Joseph Moxley
Founder, Publisher, and CEO, Writing Commons

Jennifer Janecheck
Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of English, University of Iowa

Brian Rapp
University of Central Florida

Jennifer Janecheck
Visiting Assistant Professor, English, University of Iowa

Jenna Pack
PhD Student in Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English, University of Arizona

Daniel Richards
Assistant Professor of English, Old Dominion University

Adam Breckenridge
Doctoral Candidate in Rhetoric and Composition, University of South Florida

Kyle D. Stedman
Assistant Professor of English, Rockford College

Emma Brown
Adjunct Instructor for the Mass Communications Department, University of South Florida

Brogan Sullivan
Assistant Professor of English, University of South Florida

Jason Carabelli
PhD Student in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media, North Carolina State University

Dr. Jason Wirtz
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric & Composition and English Education, Hunter College

Steve E. Carson
External Relations Director, MIT OpenCourseWare

Michael Charlton
Assistant Professor of Composition, Technical Writing, and Public Relations Writing, Missouri Western State University

Allison Wise
PhD Candidate, 20th-century British Literature, University of South Florida

Amanda Wray
Instructor, Department of Literature and Language as well as Gender, Women, and Sexuality studies, University of North Carolina Asheville

Cassie Childs
Doctoral Candidate, University of South Florida

Sam Corbett
Master of Arts in Literature from the University of South Florida

Fredrik deBoer
Doctoral Student in Rhetoric and Composition

Rhonda Dietrich
Adjunct Professor of English Composition, University of Wisconsin-Barron County

Eir-Anne Edgar
PhD Candidate, University of Kentucky Department of English

Angela Eward-Mangione
Professor of Literature and Composition, Hillsborough Community College

Danielle Farrar
PhD Student in Literature, University of South Florida

Brianna Jerman
Doctoral Student in English, University of South Florida

Mark Leib
Author, Visiting Instructor of English, University of South Florida

Nancy E. Lewis
Adjunct Faculty Member and the First-Year Composition Staff, University of South Florida

Katherine McGee
PhD Candidate University of South Florida

Jessica McKee
PhD Candidate, University of South Florida

M.C. Morgan
Professor of English, former Director of The Writing Resource Center and former Director of Composition, Bemidji State University