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Review Editors

E. Jonathan Arnett
Assistant Professor of English, Kennesaw State University

Matt Barton
Associate Professor of English, St. Cloud State University

Matt Balk
Instructor and PhD Student, Ball State University

William Carney
Assistant Professor of English, Cameron University

Joel Friederich
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin

Tamara Girardi
PhD Candidate, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Andrea Greenbaum
Professor of English/Director of Professional Writing, Barry University

Heidi Skurat Harris
Associate Professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Stephanie Hedge
Assistant Professor of English

Mitchell Ray James
Assistant Creative Writing Editor of Writing Commons Doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Composition and TESOL program, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Christopher Justice
Lecturer, The University of Baltimore

Amy C. Kimme Hea
Director of the Writing Program & Associate Professor, University of Arizona

bonnie lenore kyburz
Associate Professor, Lewis University

Jennifer Lee Novotney
Instructor, MMI Preparatory School

Angela Eward-Mangione
Professor of Literature and Composition, Hillsborough Community College

Jennifer Marlow
Assistant Professor of English, College of Saint Rose

Patricia Portanova
Assistant Professor of English & (S.T.E.P) faculty member, Northern Essex Community College & Bentley University

Daisy Pignetti
Associate Professor of Composition and Rhetoric, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Abigail Scheg
Assistant Professor of English, Elizabeth City State University

Andrea Scott
Assistant Professor of Academic Writing, Pitzer College

Lars Söderlund
Assistant Professor of English, Wright State University

Brogan Sullivan
Assistant Professor of English, University of South Florida

Todd Taylor
Professor of English, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Ryan Weber
Business and Technical Writing Program Director, University of Alabama-Huntsville

Susan Youngblood
Assistant Professor of English, Auburn University