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Writing Commons traces its roots back to 2003 when Joe Moxley published College Writing Online with Longman/Pearson. Since then, a good many university faculty, open-education leaders, and graduate students have shared their expertise to advance the development of Writing Commons. 

We are particularly indebted to our Editorial Board and Review Editors for sharing their professional expertise and time in reviewing documents.  

In terms of staff, we are especially thankful Katelin Kaiser, an undergraduate student at the University of South Florida who has worked continously on the project since 2008, crafting page design, visuals, and hyperlinks. 

For developing the Common Comments section, we thank Dianne Donnelly, Nancy E. Lewis, Brianna Jerman, Megan McIntyre, Jennifer Yirinec, and Jessica McKee.  For developing the APA Common Comments, we thank Maryam Alnaggar, an undergraduate technical writing student.