Episode 8: Looking into the Fish Tank: Tiny Encounters at CCCC

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Part 1: Tiny Encounters

As I walked the 2015 meeting of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, I stuck a mic in people’s faces and asked them a simple question: what do you care about that you wish other people knew about?

You’ll hear lots of answers in the episode from these people, in this order:

Part 2: Say Something Silly Now, Please

I guess I did ask one other question: “What else could the letters CCCC stand for?”

You may or may not be surprised at the number of times cats were mentioned.

So there’s that.

End Matter

The theme music at the beginning of the episode is by Cactus May, graduate student in rhetoric and composition.

You also heard two pieces from OverClocked ReMix (both water-related, natch): halc, “Another Seascape,” and Disco Dan, “Bubble Man (Wants to Get) Funked Up.” Both are free and part of a massive collection of videogame music remixes.