Letter Explaining Procedure


Letter Explaining Procedure

Thank you for considering submitting to Writing Commons. Below is a description of the procedure for publication. Please review this as you begin the process of composing.

I: Start Dialogue with Editors: We recommend that you consult with the editors to ensure your idea, organization, and format of your article is appropriate for our needs. Though Writing Commons is open to all submissions and prides itself on innovation, we have specific needs for articles in the following subjects: Poetry, Creative Writing, New Media, Genres. If you have an idea, we’d love to hear it. Send a brief 200 word project proposal to Quentin Vieregge at “qvieregge at gmail dot com” to explain your idea, and we will let you know if your idea 1) fits our needs 2) what we would like to see in the first draft.

Submission to Writing Commons is a dialogic process, and we encourage authors to collaborate closely with editors with revising and rethinking the text after the initial draft has been accepted or accepted with revisions.

Writing Commons prides itself on accessibility and innovation, but also on the use of use multiple media forms (text, video, music). Consider our multi-media style as you are writing. We especially seek video compositions. For instance, we seek “ten minute expositions” on various writing styles, meaning short articles that can be read by students and teachers in about ten minutes.

II. Decide the audience of article: The audience for Writing Commons are students and teachers, but we do accept and publish longer pieces. More specifically, we accept the following types of articles:

  • Short Teaching Pieces: These articles make up the bulk of writing commons and are typically written between 500-1000 words. They are intended for students and teachers and even to be used as handouts in class.
  • Long Teaching Pieces: These articles would be between 2000-6000 words long. They would be intended for teachers and students. Instead of being read in class, they would be assigned reading.
  • New Media videos: We are especially interested in New Media Compositions that take advantage of video and sound software: podcasting, PowerPoint movies, videos, or screen videos, to name a few. If you complete a video, prepare it for publication on our YouTube site. Do this by reviewing the formatting instructions on the “Acceptable File Format” page at YouTube.

III. Submit First Draft: After writing your first draft, please allow for 4 weeks review.  Our review process is double blind with the first reading. If accepted, you will be put in contact with your reviewers during the revision process.

IV: Revise: During the revision process, feel free to contact the managing editor or your article’s particular reviewers. Use MLA style. It’s best to contact Writing Commons editors to ensure your article is as good as possible for final submission.

V: Final Submission: Submit final article.