Project 1: Critical Review

How do we become experts? I will ask you to draft and revise a critical review to an article about expertise by Daniel Coyle. You will draw on your selected area of expertise to respond to Coyle’s arguments. Specifically, we will focus on how to:

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Read Critically

Critical Reading Practices | Active Reading 

Summarize, Question, Analyze, and Evaluate Written Text

Information Literacy | Rhetorical Analysis

Engage with the Work of Others

What is Academic Writing?Research Methods and Methodologies

Understand the Stages of the Writing Process

The Writing Process  | Think Rhetorically | Believing and Doubting

Workshop Writing

Community of Writers | Common Comments

Respond Towards Revision

Revision Strategies

Incorporate Reader Feedback

Feedback Towards Revision

Integrate Quotes/Evidence

Avoiding Plagarism | Integrating Evidence 

Cite the Work of Others

Schools of Citation 

Craft Effective Titles







Student writing

Disciplinary Consultant Contributions

Possible ESL Consultant Contributions



The writing process;

What is academic writing?

How does it vary across disciplines?;

Encourage students to think about themselves as writers;

Establish a positive, inclusive community of writers;

Critical reading strategies.

“I am a writer” (their history as a writer, posted to the discussion forum for feedback);

Forum discussion of Coyle;

pre-writing for Project 1

1. Writing process through the lens of disciplines;

2. What is academic writing in their discipline?

How culture and language impact values about writing, ways of approaching writing, etc.; the challenges ESL students may have learning to write within American academic writing conventions and/or the advantages and unique perspectives ESL students can bring to academic writing courses.

Document posted to site: Bibliography of ESL resources



Integrating evidence;

schools of citation;

avoiding plagiarism

Project 1, critical review, Draft 1;

reflection on Draft 1

3. What does your discipline use as evidence? How does citation reflect a discipline’s epistemology?



Revision strategies;

How to give feedback towards revision;

What is a writer’s workshop?

Integrating Feedback

Feedback to each other on Project 1 Drafts;

reflection on how giving feedback helped oneself as a writer

4. Modeling effective workshops; Workshops in Google Hangout

Giving feedback toward revision on ESL writing: focus on ideas, not just grammar, pattern of error, etc.; demonstrate how you do this by showing a sample of student writing you’ve responded to and the choices you’ve made