Project 2: Explicating a Visual Image

What does expertise look like? How do we define it? I will ask you to select a visual image depicting your selected area of expertise and then explicate that image in order to make an argument about what expertise looks like and how it can be defined. Specifically, we will continue to work with the elements we learned in Project 1, as well as build on them by focusing on how to:

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Summarize, Questions, Analyze, and Evaluate Visual Texts

Reading Visual Texts | Breaking Down an Image

Argue and Support a Position

ArgumentEffective Claims | Think Rhetorically

Use Evidence

 Incorporate Evidence | MPA and APA Citation Styles

Achieve Cohesion

VoiceOrganize | Modes of Discourse | Focus

Develop Paragraph Unity

Paragraphs | Paragraph Unity


Revising | Doubting 


Editing | Editing Strategies | Common Comments