Reflect on What You’ve Learned

Instructions: once you receive feedback from readers, take a moment to reflect on the nature of any problems your readers identified with your work.

1. Time Management: (for additional information, see Managing)

  • Did you manage your time well? What can you do to improve your time management?

2. Purpose: (for additional information, see Consider Your Purpose)

  • Were you able to stay focused on one topic or did your work wander? How well are you following instructions?

3. Audience: (for additional information, see Consider Your Audience)

  • Did you provide the examples your audience needed?

4. Persona or Tone: (for additional information, see Voice, Tone, and Persona)

  • What did you readers think of your tone and persona?

5. Collaborating, Revising, and Editing: (for additional information, see Collaborating, Revising, and Editing)

  • Did your peers evaluate a draft of your document? If so, did their responses help you in a meaningful way?

6. Editing: Did you consistently violate any rules of standard English? (See Grammar Resources for problems with standard English.) What grammar and punctuation rules or principles are you having difficulties with?