Rubric Assessment

  • The default numeric rubric, which enables users to score the rubric criteria on a 0 through 5 scale
  • The discussion rubric, which enables users to write comments about these rubric criteria in a dialog space

At the University of South Florida our 80+ instructors use the default rubric to assess over 100,000 early, intermediate, and final drafts on a range of projects and genres, including traditional alphabetic essays to multi-modal compositions.  Remarkably, in an independent investigation, we found that when 10 independent faculty scored approximately 600 essays, their scores were statistically equivalent to the scores provided by the students’ classroom teachers on seven of eight rubric measures.  The only real difference between the independent scorers and classroom instructors was that the instructors a little tougher on grading the “basics/style” criterion (see Moxley “Aggregated Assessment and “Objectivity 2.0 for particulars).