Project 3: Case Study

What can we learn about expertise in a particular area? What does it take to succeed? I will ask you to research a particular example of expert achievement in your selected area and, drawing on multiple resources, make an argument about expertise. Specifically, we will continue to work with the elements we learned in Projects 1 and 2, as well as build on them by focusing on how to: 

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Conduct Research

Research Strategies | Library and Internet Research | Annotated Bibliography

 Write an Extended Argument

Clarity | Your Voice 

 Examine Disciplinary Expectations

Understanding Conversations | GenresActive and Passive Voice 

 Develop an Intertextual Conversation

Textual Research | Information Literacy | Comparing and Contrasting

 Understand Popular Sources and Scholarly Sources

Analyzing Evidence

 Create Effective Introductions


 Write Strong Conclusions





ffective claims;


paragraph unity


Overall Cohesion 

Evaluate Project 1, Final Version;


Reflection on evaluating others;


Project 2, Image Explication, Draft 1 & reflection;

  Grading ESL writing. demonstrate how you do this by showing a sample of student writing you’ve responded to and the choices you’ve made;
Research strategies (Librarian provides video)


Popular/scholarly texts (Boers provides video)



Peer-Review Process for Scholarly Writing (Boers provides video)


What is an annotated  bibliography?

Feedback on Project 2, Draft 1 & reflection


pre-writing for Project 3

6. Writing Workshops for Project 2 feedback



Making room for your voice amidst research


Concise Writing, Part 1 (redundancy, qualifiers)

Revision of Project 2 & Reflection    




Concise Writing, Part 2 (prepositional phrases)

Evaluation of Project 2 & reflection;


Project 3, Case Study, Draft 1 & reflection

7. Sample Evaluation Feedback on Project 2  
Variety and Dynamism in Writing 


Active/Passive Voice

Feedback on Project 3, Draft 1 & reflection


8. Writing Workshops for Project 3 feedback


9. Anything of their choosing related to writing and their discipline