Alexandra W. Watkins

  1. Alex Watkins

    Alex Watkins is an Instructor of Humanities and Composition at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. She has taught a variety of technical and professional writing and composition courses

    Published on Feb 08th 2018

  2. Digital Literacy

    Digital literacy concerns how individuals navigate and employ digital tools to consume and produce information. See AlsoMedium, MediaLiteracyVisual Literacy Writing spaces and technologies are constantly evolving. For example, over the years, writers have moved from writing on stone or bark or papyrus or paper or computer screens. For example, today, someone might shoot off a quick work email from their...

    Published on Nov 14th 2019

  3. Integrating Evidence Appropriately

    Research is a major component of many genres of writing. During the research process, writers discover academic conversations and learn how to build on those conversations with their own ideas. However, creating an effective balance between these two things can be tricky.  One of the common questions that writers have about research-based assignments is how they can integrate evidence from...

    Published on Apr 24th 2020

  4. You want me to do what to my paper? Interpreting your professors’ feedback

    Feedback is one of the major components of effective writing. Professional technical writers may get feedback from clients or members of their target audience before producing a deliverables; creative writers may ask other writers they trust or a sample of their target demographic to provide feedback; and workplace writers may receive feedback from their boss or coworkers before releasing the...

    Published on Aug 11th 2021