Cassandra Branham

  1. APA Quoting

    APA Quoting refers to the guidelines for in-text and block quotes according to APA—the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 7th Edition. Key Concepts: In-Text Quotations Whether they are used to provide evidence, support for an argument, or to illustrate an idea using another writer’s words, short quotations are valuable tools that can enhance any essay. Because short quotations...

    Published on Mar 07th 2022

  2. Common Action Words Used to Describe Job Experience

    Common Action Words Used to Describe Job Experience AcceptedCoordinatedExperiencedMadeRecognizedAchievedCorrelatedExperimentedMaintainedRecommendedAdaptedCounseledExplainedManagedReconciledAdjustedCreated MappedRecordedAdministeredCritiquedFacilitatedMeasuredRecruitedAdvised FinancedMediatedReorganizedAllocatedDecoratedFormedModeledReportedAnalyzedDefinedFormulatedModeratedResearchedAppraisedDelegatedFoundedMonitoredRetrievedApprovedDemonstrated MotivatedReviewedArrangedDesignedGenerated RevisedAssembledDetailedGovernedNavigated AssessedDeterminedGroupedNegotiatedScheduledAssignedDevelopedGuidedNominatedScreenedAssistedDevised  Served DiagnosedHandledObservedSet forthBalancedDigitizedHeadedOperatedShapedBudgetedDirected OrderedSimplifiedBuiltDiscoveredImplementedOrganizedSolved DisplayedImprovedOriginatedSortedCalculatedDissectedImprovisedOvercameSparkedCataloguedDistributedIncreased StrengthenedCheckedDraftedIndexedParticipatedSuperviseClarified InformedPerformedSupplementedClassifiedEarnedInitiatedPersuadedSystematizedCollectedEditedInnovatedPioneered CommunicatedEffectedInspectedPlannedTrainedComparedEmpoweredInspiredPredictedTranscribedCompiledEncouragedInstalledPreparedTransformedComposedEnforcedIntegratedPresentedTranslatedComputedEngineeredInterpolatedPresided ConceivedEnlargedInterviewedPrioritizedUnifiedConductedEnlightenedInvestigatedProducedUtilizedConfrontedEnlisted Programmed ConstructedEstablishedJustifiedPromotedValuatedConsultedEstimated ProtectedValidatedContractedEvaluatedKeynotedProvidedVerifiedControlledExamined   ConvertedExecutedLedQuantifiedWeighedConveyedExpandedLoggedQuestionedWrote

    Published on Nov 03rd 2013

  3. Digital Footprints: Public Writing and Social Identities

    Mark Zuckerberg claimed in a 2010 interview that we all only have “one identity” (as cited in Mainwaring, 2010). But as we have witnessed social networking sites (SNSs) set up shop across vastly different communities for vastly different purposes, it has become clear that Zuckerberg cannot be right. While there may be similarities found in an individual’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and...

    Published on Jul 02nd 2015

  4. Emphasizing Words in a Direct Quotation (APA)

    Can I use italics to emphasize words in a direct quotation? APA style generally advises against using italics for emphasis. Instead, whenever possible, you should create emphasis through diction, sentence construction, and sentence length. However, in circumstances in which confusion or misreading is likely, you may choose to add italics to emphasize words in a direct quotation that were not...

    Published on Jun 21st 2012

  5. Establishing Your Professional Self: Résumé Writing

    Compiling a résumé can feel like a daunting task. Just like essay writing, résumé creation works well as a process. Before worrying about the format of the résumé and where to place everything in a document, consider beginning by compiling an informal list of past and present work experience and education. Once you have a first draft, look at résumés...

    Published on May 26th 2015

  6. Student-Teacher Conferences

    Make the most of your conferencing experience by being prepared before you meet with your instructor. As an undergraduate student, you may be provided with the opportunity to have conferences with your instructor. Conferences are typically 15–20 minutes long and may be individual or small group conferences. In many cases, your instructor may cancel classes for student conferences. This is...

    Published on Apr 19th 2012

  7. Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

    When applying for jobs, a well-written cover letter is just as important as a well-written resume. While the resume is designed to provide an overview of your relevant skills and qualifications, the cover letter is your opportunity to discuss relevant experiences, connect those experience to qualities and qualifications from the job ad, and to display your personality to your reader....

    Published on Oct 30th 2014

  8. Using Brackets in a Direct Quotation (APA)

    How do I add words to a direct quotation? In some instances, you may need to add words to a direct quotation for clarification or explanation. When additional words are added to a direct quote, the added words must be surrounded by brackets. Additionally, the inserted material should present an accurate representation of the author’s message in the original text....

    Published on Jun 21st 2012