Grace Veach

Grace Veach is Chair of Foundational Core for the School of Unrestricted Education at Southeastern University. She has published several articles on information literacy, literature, and rhetoric, and edited the two book series Teaching Information Literacy and Writing Studies published in 2018-2019 by Purdue University Press. In 1997 Grace was a five-time, undefeated Jeopardy! champion.  Her overall Jeopardy!record is 8-2.


ACRL Information Literacy Perspectives & Practices

In an era where almost anything can be digitally manipulated or “spoofed,” from audio to even making visuals that deceive, you need to discern genuine sources from misleading or false sources. Learn about information literacy dispositions, behaviors, and conventions to avoid being duped by manipulative authors.

Authority is Constructed & Contextual

Information Creation as a Process

Information Has Value

Research as Inquiry

  • Explore interesting personal, professional, and societal problems.
  • Pursue research questions using methods accepted by your discipline/community of practice.
  • Learn to produce effective research by limiting the scope of your research.

Searching as a Strategic Exploration