Julie Staggers

Washington State University
  1. Infographics

    Most simply, infographics are graphical stories. More specifically,iInfographics are a genre of discourse that relies primarily on visual language rather than alphabetical language to convey a messagea visual representation of information, typically quantitative data but at times qualitative data, that tells a single story or argument in a visually appealing and interesting way clarifies and highlights logical relationships, trends, patterns...

    Published on Apr 03rd 2020

  2. Professional Writing Prose Style

    What is Professional Writing Prose Style? Professional writing is a style of writing that characterizes the texts, arguments, topics, and knowledge-making practices of people working in a range of professions and business fields. Colloquially, the term professional writing may refer to writing that is well written, impressive. At colleges and universities in the U.S., it's the name given to courses...

    Published on Jul 27th 2020

  3. Recommendation Reports

    Recommendation reports are texts that advise audiences about the best ways to solve a problem. Recommendation reports are a type of formal report that is widely used across disciplines and professions. Subject Matter Experts aim to make recommendations based on the best available theory, research and practice. Different disciplines and professions have different research methods for assessing knowledge claims and...

    Published on Aug 24th 2020

  4. Revision Strategies – How to Revise

    What are Revision Strategies? Revision strategies are methods for revising documents from a strategic, critical perspective. Related Concepts: Academic Writing Prose Style; Editing; Proofreading; Revision; Rhetorical Analysis; Rhetorical Reasonings; Rhetorical Stance How to Revise Some exigencies require substantive revision whereas others require light revision. For instance, if you're engaged in peer-reviewed research, then you know the standard for publication is...

    Published on Nov 12th 2021

  5. Rhetorical Analysis

    Rhetorical Analysis is the practice of analyzing a rhetorical situationto understand human decision makingto guide efforts to communicate and composeto interpret the texts of others.a mode of reasoning that informs composing and interpretation.a heuristic, an invention practice, that helps writers go beyond their perspectives and consider the perspective of the audience the process undertaken to generate rhetorical knowledge.a method of...

    Published on May 03rd 2020