Karen Langbehn

  1. Reading to Write Effectively: Why you need a reading strategy before writing anything

    Given all of the reading and writing that we are expected to accomplish as college/university students, it’s important to be as efficient as possible when committing our time to these responsibilities. Three of the most important suggestions for approaching reading and, therefore, writing, efficiently are as follows: read with a pen in hand; don’t expect yourself to remember key concepts/ideas...

    Published on Apr 12th 2012

  2. Writing a Statement of Purpose

    Part I: First, you’ll need to determine – very specifically – what the school, department, and program wants from its applicants/future students. For instance, the English department of a university will most likely emphasize that applicants ought to write a statement of purpose that “… explains the applicant's reasons for applying to our graduate program, your qualifications, your individual academic...

    Published on Apr 12th 2012