Michael Charlton

  1. Understanding How Conversations Change Over Time

    Writers do not make their claims in an enormous blank room where no one else is and nothing else has ever happened. Writers make their claims in the real world where people with other opinions, values, beliefs, and experiences live. To make a claim is to enter into a conversation with these people. The rhetorician Kenneth Burke once famously described...

    Published on May 30th 2012

  2. Understanding Point-of-View: Wizard Activity

    The Beginning of Your Journey You are writing for a class.  You realize that you have no idea what point-of-view is appropriate for this piece of writing.  You quickly text a friend but discover that she does not know.  Your teacher is currently teaching subject/verb agreement to a nest of talking dragons and is not available.  Desperate for help, you...

    Published on May 03rd 2012