Ramie Tateishi

Ramie Tateishi is an Associate Professor at National University in La Jolla, California, where he teaches classes in film and literature in the Department of Arts and Humanities.  His work on film, television, and popular culture has appeared in journals such as Asian Cinema and in edited collections such as Fear Without Frontiers and The Language of Doctor Who: From Shakespeare to Alien Tongues.  As a popular culture scholar, he is a frequent guest commentator on KPBS, San Diego’s local public radio station.  He is also a classically trained musician who has composed scores for independent stage productions such as Sisters, Oregon for Lost Dog Productions, and independent feature films such as The Extra for Elusive Entertainment.


Rhetorical Analysis of Film – Elements of Film

Rhetorical choices in film are made on the narrative level (of story/plot), the visual level, and the audio level. Camera range, camera angles, point of view, lighting, editing, sound–these are rhetorical devices (aka elements of film) that directors use to signify meaning, tone, and emotions.