Dear Colleagues,


Aaron Swartz was involved in activism and civic engagement. By launching the Progressive Change Campaign, Swartz helped raise awareness about meaningful online activism.

Aaron Swartz passionately believed that academic research should be freely shared as opposed to locked behind paywalls. As a free, open-education home for writers, we are inspired by the idea of the commons, the notion that crowds of people can share their creative talents without even knowing one another. While we are slightly more centralized than a true commons-based project, as Yochai Benkler envisaged the concept back in 2002, we are nonetheless a globally distributed and diverse group of faculty teaching a vast array of courses and writing about a variety of topics.

As a peer-produced, open-education project, Writing Commons seeks to celebrate the works of its authors while also recognizing the value of open-access research and scholarship.

This distinguished award, which was first conferred to Andrea Scott (Pitzer College) for Formulating a Thesis in 2013, is given in Aaron Swartz’s name to celebrate his contributions to open education and open access.Toggle panel: Article Fields

We annually award The Aaron Swartz Award for Best Web Text in recognition of Aaron’s dedication to open education.