First-Year Composition

First-Year Composition is

  • a course of study, a curriculum
    • In high school and college, students in the U.S. take coursework in academic writing.
  • an academic discipline (Writing Studies).

Synonymous Terms: Composition may also be referred as First-Year Writing, Academic Writing, Writing in the Disciplines.

Dear Colleagues,

If you’re teaching a composition course and using Writing Commons, would you please share your syllabus with us? Please see Write for Us for details. Thank you.

Fake News, an Undergraduate Composition Course

Fake News is an undergraduate syllabus for a course on composition in English. This course aims to help students develop an understanding and practice of Empathetic Information Literacy, which is conceptualized as

  1. pausing
  2. asking
  3. caring
  4. checking
  5. acting.