Project Management Portfolio + Bibliography Template

The Project Management Portfolio + Bibliography Template aims to help students

  • experience the benefits of collaboration tools (e.g. Google Docs, Slack, Chat) in terms of
    • project management competencies (e.g., defining roles and responsibilities, tracking edits, and sharing documents with others for critical feedback)
    • management of references and research notes
  • provide a workspace that promotes Metacognition & Self-Regulation, Professionalism & Work Ethic that can be leveraged for the final team project, the Evaluation Memo; and
  • provide a workspace that can be used by the instructor and peers to provide critiques and helpful feedback.


The Project Management Portfolio is the fourth module in an eight-week long group project that involves a Consultancy Simulation.

The Project Management Portfolio is a tool used in workspaces to help people coordinate teamwork. Teams require a Project Management Portfolio to facilitate transparent communications. Teams have numerous collaborative tools to choose from, as outlined at Tools for Project Management. For simplicity, the discussion below focuses on Google Docs.

Ultimately, however, the point is not what tool you use, but how you use the tool.

Instructions for Group Project Management Folder

After your team creates its Team Charter, after your team identifies the collaboration tools it will use, your team needs to decide who holds chief responsibility for maintaining the Project Management Portfolio. Because the Project Manager is intune with the assigned tasks that person may be most appropriate, and yet you definitely want someone who has strong digital literacy skills to manage this responsibility.

For the Project Management Portfolio + Bibliography Template, you are required to

  1. provide a table of contents labelled Table of Contents/Homepage. This page should provide
    1. the name of the group
    2. the names and emails of each group member
    3. a link to each group member’s Google folder subsumed underneath the group’s Google folder
    4. a link to the Team Charter
    5. a link to the Group Research Proposal
    6. a link to the Bibliography Template
    7. a link to the Visual Progress Report
    8. a link to the Final Recommendation Report

Bibliography Template

The shared bibliography will make work on the next couple of assignments much easier. During the research phase of the project, every member of the team should contribute resources to this collective bibliography.

At a minimum, you can set up a table in Google Docs or a spreadsheet in Sheets that looks like the sample below: 

Example 1 of Group Bibliography
Nutrition in school lunches / First Name & Last Name of Researcher“Fact Sheet: Calories in School Meals.” Nutrition Standards for School Meals | USDA-FNS, Accessed 4 Aug. 2019.The USDA introduced new science-based “right sized” meal plans intended to reduce childhood obesity by providing more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, and lower-fat dairy and leaner meat options.
Food insecurity in the US / First Name & Last Name of ResearcherUSDA ERS – Key Statistics & Graphics. Accessed 4 Aug. 2019.6.5 million children lived in food insecure households in 2017.

Instructions for Individual’s Project Management Folder

Create a Table of Contents/Home Page for your project folder, which should be subsumed under the group folder at Google Drive. At a minimum, your Table of Contents/Home Page should provide a link to

Collaboration Journal

The Collaboration Journal is a requirement for the final evaluation menu. Failure to maintain a Collaboration Journal throughout the project will result in a significant grade deduction.

Create a Google doc located in your individual folder. Maintain a record of

Example of a Collaboration Journal
October 7
Choosing our assigned roles for the group project was pretty simple.
 We decided it best to assign roles according to the skill of the individual. 

October 9
Today we collaboratively worked on our team charter through google docs.
 This was very efficient for our team as we were all communicating on what we felt was necessary to include to complete the team charter to our fullest potential. 
We worked collectively on our Gantt chart to ensure we had all necessary tasks assigned.

October 14
Today we began writing up our research proposal in class.
 We divided up the work as follows. 
I was given the responsibility of the problems section
Gabrial was given the charts and graphic duty
 Jessica worked on formatting the document
 Sammie and Eric gathered resources for the proposal.

October 16
Today our research proposal was tweaked for a third time to better fit the needs of a proper research proposal
 Our group discussed how we could better the proposal based on the Professors input and we were quick to edit the document

October 21
We are beginning to write the draft for the executive summary which will include the purpose of our research, the problem we are trying to solve, and the research questions we are investigating.

October 23
Today we continued to work on the draft for the executive summary, our bibliography and textual research.

October 28
Our group began working on our visual powerpoint representation
 It went very well, I like how productive our group is in class
 We have finished about half of the visual powerpoint today in class and expect to finish the rest in our next class.
Another Example
Today we are working on the executive summary, bibliography and primary research. 
I am working on revising the executive summary, along with Gabe and Eric. 
Sammie is working on the primary research section by putting out a poll on instagram. 
Santino is working on the bibliography. 
The goal for the end of the class time is to finish this group milestone. 

Today we are starting on the visual representation project so we are going to take past milestones to represent it. 
So far everyone has been contributing work to everything but Eric has missed the past couple of meetings due to a knee injury but has still worked on the project. 
This project has been really helpful so far for finding credible and significant research and creating a plan for executing the project. 
We plan to be halfway done with the project by the end of the day. 

Today we plan to finish the powerpoint slide and have eric voice over it later. 
It will be finished by sunday and uploaded to canvas. 

Today we are revising the visual progress report. 
We have very minor changes to make so it shouldn’t take too long.
If we finish revising the visual project today, then we will move on to the final project. 
Today we are working on the recommendation report. 
We hope to finish the report by the end of the class today. 

Over the weekend we finished the recommendation report. 
Today we are working on peer review so we will be commenting on fellow classmates research proposals.

Recommended Schedule

ScheduleAssignments & Suggested ActivitiesReadings
One Class MeetingTo better understand the rationale for the Project Management Portfolio + Bibliography Template, you are wise to carefully review the tasks associated with (1) Group Research Proposal and (2) Recommendation Report.

Conflict Resolution
Tools for Project Management

Check out Growth Mindset and Intellectual Openness if you have had past negative experiences with teams.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Upload the url for the Project Management Portfolio + Bibliography Template to the Course Management system.

When you share Google Folders/Docs with peers and your instructor, double check that all required documents are shared given Edit permissions (rather than simply share).