Dear Past Authors


Dear Past Author(s),

I hope all is well with you.

Now that we have published a new edition of Writing Commons, we’d like to ask you to review the article(s) you published with us and your bio.

You can find your articles by using three search terms and your favorite internet browser:

  1. your name
  2. the title of your article @ Writing Commons
  3. Writing Commons.

Please contact Sandy Branham (

  • if you would like to update your bio or make changes
  • if you would like to submit a new article for peer review
  • if you see any problems with the article(s) you published with us.

Unfortunately, during the datawalk our tight grip on the hit count counter database was shaken. Sadly, that data fell into the abyss. FWIW, we had tied that data down: we had purchased the software necessary to convey that data and yet there was a system failure. Many of our authors’ pieces had been read by hundreds of thousands of users, and we are deeply saddened by the loss of that historical data. That said, from Google Analytics we know over 10 million users have referenced our open education project so you can rest assured that your work has helped a good many writers, students, and teachers.

We hope you are pleased with the 4th edition of Writing Commons. We are very excited about the affordances of Word Press. We believe our new writing space will empower us to better layer content, involve our users, and structure a more intuitive site architecture. Finally, we hope our move from the genre of a textbook to that of an encyclopedia will enhance the usability of the site.

We thank you for your professional support.

Best regards,

Joseph M. Moxley
Writing Commons