Dear Past Authors


Dear Authors,

We hope all is well with you.

We ask that you review your article(s). Please let us know if see any errors or problems with your article(s). Let us know if you’d like to submit a new iteration of your article or if you have ideas for new articles.

Please contact Sandy Branham (

  • if you would like to update your bio or make changes
  • if you would like to Contribute a new article for us.
  • if you see any problems with your article(s).

FYI, the datawalk of articles from the 3rd edition involved moving content out of Joomla (the software we used to publish our old site) to WordPress (the new software for the 4th edition). During the move, we dropped some articles that seemed redundant or no longer seemed needed. We combined and edited articles short articles that had been cut unnecessarily into smaller pieces. We also came across some articles for whom we didn’t have authors. This problem was caused in part by limitations with Joomla: Joomla couldn’t accommodate articles with multiple authors.

Unfortunately, during the datawalk our tight grip on the hit count counter database was shaken when we began moving into our new digs.

We hope you are pleased with our new edition.

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