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Part 1: Why this book?

At the beginning of this episode, you'll hear me talk to Danita Berg, one of the co-editors of Creative Composition: Inspiration and Techniques for Writing Instruction.

We discuss the different training that MFAs and PhDs in rhet/comp get, the need for this book, and where the split in the fields came from. Eventually, we got into a big, rambly conversation about multimodality and technology in both fields, but it was too crazy to edit down for this episode--so you'll just have to ask us about it later.

Part 2: Digging into Details

Next, you'll hear 3 pieces self-produced by authors of chapters inCreative Composition:

  • Denise Landrum-Geyer talks about the importance of essaying, as a verb, a concept that connects our fields.
  • Anna Leahy discusses how to cultivate talent, get better at writing, and be gritty.
  • Shawn Kerivan defends the teaching of grammar as a tool with its own history, meaning, and depth, not as something dry to discuss in a vacuum.

End Matter

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The theme music at the beginning of the episode is by Cactus May, graduate student in rhetoric and composition, and you heard three pieces that are freely available at OverClocked ReMix:

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