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Produced and recorded by Kyle Stedman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.@kstedman), assistant professor of English at Rockford University, in cooperation with KairosCast and Writing Commons.

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My original plan was to find cool stuff for you to listen to that other people had posted--a curated collection of content from all my favorite sites.

But as I dug into the advance searches of these sites and explored the various flavors of Creative Commons licenses, I knew that that was my show topic: navigating the tricky waters of copyright when you want to reuse content in something new of your own (like a podcast, but not necessarily a podcast). Here's how I got there:

Part 1: An Easy Introduction to Copyright

In which I describe how I introduce the public domain, copyright, and Creative Commons to my students--and thusly explain it to you, dear listener. In this section, you'll also hear about:

Part 2: Me Searching for Stuff

In which I describe the path I took while trying to find online content related to teaching writing and rhetoric that I could legally curate and use in my podcast. Here, you'll hear:

I mention a few other resources that I didn't link to, but instead of bulking up this space with them, you can just check the transcript for links.

Part 3: Resources

In which I recommend the following resources:

End Matter

My theme music is by Cactus May at Ohio University; check out his work athttps://heycactus.weebly.com.

You also heard “Heart of a Beginner” by Marc 101 Music on Soundcloud, “It’s Working” by Nonsense Wind on Jamendo, and “Something Borrowed (Rhetoric)” by Steve Lawson and Daniel Berkman, hosted on the account of solobasssteve on Soundcloud. All are licensed by Creative Commons.

And because I love it so, so much, you also heard the show close out (as always) with Disco Dan's "Blue Lightning."