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Joe Moxley, Founder, WritingCommons.org

Joe Moxley


Dear Colleagues and Students,

At Writing Commons, we are happy with the overall success of our project. Since 2011, when we launched at WritingCommons.org, we have hosted 6,315,882 users who have reviewed over 11 million pages. We are thrilled that students and faculty find our site to be helpful. Our ongoing mission is to be the best writing textbook possible. We also happen to be free. While we cannot perhaps claim yet that we are the best possible textbook for technical writing or creative writing courses, we are working on that.

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Writing, thinking, creating — these acts are bounded by two contrary processes: believing and ;doubting. For many student writers — for many people, in fact — being critical and judgmental can come easily. Hence, the truism "it's easier to critique them to create" (Alcott). Yet it is especially important, especially in the early stages of a writing project, for writers to put doubt and criticism aside.

Learn how to play the believing game. Rather than being hypercritical of your work. Energize your work by focusing on more positive messages. Manage your writing process with the awareness that an early first draft provides insufficient information to assess what the final draft will look like and develop effective writing habits! If you are required to complete a collaborative project in the class, don't automatically assume it will be a disaster, that one or two people end up doing the work of the group.

Right now, what are you saying to yourself? If negativity is bringing you down, write down some consistent positive messages, such as "I'm going to learn a lot by completing this essay!"

Develop Effective Writing Habits

This section identifies and explains some of the most notable patterns of successful compositionists. Successful compositionists practice some of the following strategies: Return, Revise, Risk, Reject

Cassandra Branham, Editor-in-Chief WritingCommons.org

Cassandra Branham


Dear Colleagues and Students,

Welcome to Writing Commons, an open-education resource for instructors and students of writing across the disciplines. Our mission is to provide a high-quality, cost free resource to support students in the development of writing, research, and critical thinking practices.

This summer, we have been working on a site redesign in an effort to increase the usability of our site for both instructors and students. Our most significant change has been the inclusion of additional categories and subcategories to create a more intuitive hierarchy within the site.

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