Video Pitch for an Infographic

The Video Pitch is an exercise for The Infographic Project, a module in Professional Writing, an undergraduate writing course.

Your goal is to produce a 60-second video presentation that introduces your idea and rhetorical situation for an infographic in accordance with the assignment guidelines for The Infographic Project.

Key Words: Pitch; Rhetorical Context.

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Assignment Guidelines

Even if you plan to work with a distributed team to develop the Infographic, you are still required as an individual to develop a video pitch and to post it to the Discussion Forum at Canvas, the Course Management System. The goal here is to be inventive and creative and expressive as individuals.

Please do not worry about the quality of the video; rather, it’s what you say that matters. It’s fine to use your cell phone to record the video.

Your rhetorical stance for this pitch is informal: you can address your peers as fellow students in an undergraduate professional writing course.

In your presentation make sure you

  • Introduce topic and rhetorical situation
  • Explain the “story” of your infographic and discuss your design choices.
  • Describe the data sets/sources you used and explain why they were good sources for this project
  • Optional: Ask for specific feedback on the aspects of the project where your struggling or that you feel are still weak.


  1. First, familiarize yourself with the genre of the infographic. Do a strategic search for exemplary infographics or for infographics on topics of interest to you.
    1. The Daily Infographic: What IS an Infographic?
    2. Creating “Viral” Impressions: Composing Infographics for the Classroom and Work Space
    3. Infographics
    4. Reading 13. Graphic Design. MIT
  2. Google out some one-minute pitches on a topic that interests you.
  3. Complete the Heuristic Exercise for the Infographic Project
  4. Practice your pitch several times and then video yourself with your phone.


Upload your 60-second video presentation to the Course Management System (Canvas). If that doesn’t work, place a url to your video pitch so your instructor can watch it online.