See how others use Writing Commons to teach writing at the undergraduate and graduate level. We offer interesting projects with robust resources for students. For instance, check out our Eight-Week, Team Consultancy Project or our Infographic Project.

Courses is

  • a forum for faculty to share their courses and projects
  • a forum to publish the excellent works of our students.

Courses is a new section — and somewhat underdeveloped section — of Writing Commons. Presently, we are working on projects that work for Technical Writing, Professional Writing, and Composition Courses.

Teachers, please see Contribute for details on how you can publish your pedagogical materials with us.

Current Courses

  1. Business Writing by Professors Julie Staggers (Washington State University) and Joseph M. Moxley (Writing Commons).
  2. Fake News & First-Year Writing, Paul T. Corrigan, Southeastern University,

Past Courses

  1. Duke MOOC
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. The Ohio State University Composition Curriculum