Edit for Flow, Coherence, Unity

Readers expect your ideas to flow easily from one thought to the next logical thought. You make this process easier for them when you connect the ideas in the current sentence to something you mentioned in the previous sentence—and it’s even better when you stick to one idea per paragraph. Yes, you can branch out and add other ideas/concepts, but you can only do that after you have a solid foundation in place; in other words, the reader has to be comfortable with the topic at hand, and you need to lead from one idea to the next, explaining what you are doing along the way.

How can I improve my flow?

  1. Rearrange the order of your sentences so that each idea connects to the others like scaffolding.
  2. Reword some of your sentences so that the ideas in one are linked to the ideas in the others.
  3. Use words like first, next, then, and finally when describing a process.
  4. Put main ideas at the top; relate the following sentences to the main idea.