Knowledge Claim

Knowledge Claims are the topics, the scholarly conversations, that subject-matter-experts have with one another as they engage in research or discuss the knowledge claims of others. Knowledge claims are grounded in dialecticthe ongoing conversation of humankind.

Knowledge claims may be grounded in theory, dialog, and hermeneutics. As humans learn more about the universe through empirical research and scholarly conversation, they come to distinguish ,

egarding particular topics and epistemological perspectives.

  • the results from empirical research that have yet to be verified by replication studies or ongoing analysis and debate.

Synonyms: Truth Claim

Related Concepts: Argument; Epistemology;

A knowledge claim believed to be true by an investigator or research community may be referred to as “knowledge”. A “knowledge claim,” in contrast, is still provisional. It’s subject of future debate among, analysis, and investigation.

In order for a Knowledge Claim to be accepted by discourse community, it must

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