The Pitch refers to a genre of persuasive discourse and argumentative discourse. More informally, the Pitch is an act of persuasion and argument.

People pitch all the time in everyday life: we pitch suggestions to visit a particular restaurant. We pitch ideas about how to solve problems we come across in our everyday lives.

The pitch is often developed to sell an idea, solution, partnership, or application.

  • Internal Pitches are pitches intended for other employees at your workplace
  • External pitches are given to audiences beyond your workplace.

Synonymous Terms: Elevator Speech; Elevator Pitch

Symbol analysts and teams pitch new business opportunities in order to innovate and solve problems. People give pitches all of the time in everyday life, family life, and the workplace.

Pitches are acts of persuasion and argument. The shape of pitches are

Pitches are delivered in a variety of mediums and genres:

  • a job applicant pitches to the employer that their training and experience prepares them for a job.
  • a consulting company pitches its services to investigate a problem and to identify best solutions to real-world problems that matter to clients
  • an entrepreneur pitches for funding to develop an application
  • a business person pitches their services
    • to propose services (e.g., management, sales, or educational services)
    • to secure business opportunities (e.g., business plans)
  • a scientist or professor seeks funding to investigate applied or basic research questions (e.g., scientific proposals written to the NSF, National Science Foundation or NIH, National Institute of Health).

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