ACRL Information Literacy Perspectives & Practices

Consider information literacy perspectives to avoid being duped by manipulative authors.

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In Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) imagines information literacy to be comprised of six interconnected frameworks:

  1. Authority is Constructed & Contextual
  2. Information Creation as a Process
  3. Information Has Value
  4. Research as Inquiry
  5. Scholarship as a Conversation
  6. Searching as Strategic Exploration

The ACRL imagines these conceptual frameworks, these mindsets, to be foundational to critical literacy as the postsecondary level in the U.S.

What is The ACRL?

The Association of College and Research Libraries is a global, professional organization comprised of 9000 stakeholders interested in the academic community, especially libraries, librarians, researchers.

Key Words: Information; Critical Literacy

Source: The Council of Writing Program Administrators

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