Global Perspective

The term Global Perspective is used by teachers, editors, writers, and critics to refer to the practice of talking about a document or revising a document at the holistic level.

Synonyms are

  • the Rhetorical Perspective
  • Macroscopic Level.

The antithesis to the Global Perspective is the Local Perspective (AKA Linguistic Level, Microscopic Level, or Sentence Level).

[ *Alternative Titles: Rhetorical Perspective. ]

When editors, writers, and critics employ a global perspective, they are not concerned with individual elements of discourse–e.g.,. diction, usage, mechanics, grammar, phrases, sentences. Rather, when reading globally, readers are concerned with the overall effectiveness of a document:

  1. Rhetoric
    • Is the text responsive to its rhetorical situation?
  2. Substance
  3. Organization
    • Is the document organized well? Does it consistently follow a deductive or inductive order? Should sections of the text be moved in order?

Related Concepts

In Writing Studies,

  • the practice of editing is synonymous with engaging in a local perspective.
  • the practice of revision is closely associated with engaging in a Global Perspective.
  • faculty encourage students to engage in revision long before they even consider editing.