Research Methodologies

Research Methodologies

Whereas Research Methods concerns the tools and techniques for gathering information (data collection) and analyzing information (data analysis), Research Methodologies concern assumptions about

  • what constitutes knowledge?
  • what are differences across methodological communities regarding what constitutes a valid knowledge claim?
  • what is the relationship between Research Methods and epistemology?

Research Methodologies is an academic discipline

is a robust topic across methodological communities regarding methods for

of Academic Conversation

Research Methodologies questions

  • what epistemological assumptions are associated with particular research methods?
  • is quantitative research invariably postivistic?
  • is qualitative research invariably postpostivistic?

Research Methodologies are a rhetorical construct: Different Methodological Communities have unique methods and a rhetorical process. as opposed to methodology as technique, a number of tools.

Research Methodologies is concerned with

  • as opposed to learning research tools and techniques.

Researchers, Methodological Communities, hold assumptions

who employ methods understand how to use specific tools

Research Methodologies concerns the process of being reflective about research methods.

Methodological Communities

Researchers engage in research methodologies

a topic of interest to

  • What are the assumptions of assocaited with method?
  • Is there a new way t
  • reflexivity
  • a phrase used by investigators to describe efforts

Research Methodologies

what assumptions were built into how

and what those methods are purported to mean

are tied to particular epistemological positions

intellectual practices of

  • reflecting on the epistemological assumptions that informed why you chose to use or not lose particular research methods
  • reflecting on the affordances and constraints of particular research methods

If Research Methods are considered to be the tools at the disposal of the investigator, the Research Methodoloiges are

shaped by different epistemological assumptions— i.e., different assumptions about what constitutes knowledge.

Research Methods & Epistemology

Research Methods are a way of seeing and a way of not seeing in the world. Methods presume a particular world view–a theory of knowledge, an Epistemology.

Researchers in workplace and academic settings have diverse and sometimes opposing ways of researching and making knowledge claims. In general,