Quantitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research is a form of empirical research method that gathers and interprets numerical data (i.e., numbers and statistics) as opposed to qualitative data (i.e., words) in order to develop knowledge or test knowledge claims.

presupposes that some aspect of the world is abstracted and measured as numerical data.

Research studies that employ Quantitative Research

When investigators focus primarily on numerical data, they call their study a quantitative research study. In contrast, when the dominant focus is qualitative data (words),

Research studies

The term Quantitative Research Methods is typically reserved for studies in which

Quantitative Research

Often investigators describe this process as finding raw data. They may assume the data precedes their investigation, that data exists independent of them, that it is uncooked prior to analysis.

For investigators, Quantitative Data is often

gather data, typically numbers and , in order to measure something or to identify causal relationships.

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