Problem Scenarios

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Problem Scenarios are

  • narratives, a genre of discourse, a collage of possible ways users may respond to a problem in a problem space.

    that developers, designers, and data scientists, use to investigate problems.
    • the moment when a human being (perhaps a customer, perhaps a stakeholder) experiences a problem or feels a need in a rhetorical situation for a new solution, a better mousetrap. It is the exigency that leads to the innovation.
  • a unit of analysis, a slice of time, that investigators study to understand an empirical phenomenon.
  • a rhetorical construct. In rhetorical theory, the problem scenario is the rhetorical situation. It is the exigency for the innovation.

Problem Scenarios play a big role in Customer Discovery.

During the early stages of product development, Investigators observe customers to understand how they experience a particular problem, a particular problem space. They take notes about what customers see, feel, think, and do. They listen to customers talk informally about existing solutions to a problem.

Over time, as investigators conduct additional customer discovery interviews, they may be able to develop Customer Personas.

Developers create User Cases for Customer Personas. They predict, based on past customer discovery research, how customer personas are likely to respond to new features, applications, products

user patterns may emerge. The ultimate goal, from the p

Investigators are able to identify what sorts of features and products particular cohorts of users would want

Different customer segments may use your service, product, or applications in different ways and for different purposes.

Ultimately, this process is called evidence-based entrepreneurship. And this step in the process–this focus on analyzing problem scenarios–

When investigators analyze the data, they will look to see whether any

to see whether

problem scenarios, what they do in response to different prototypes.

that investigators compose in order to explore how users will interact with a service, product, or application.

During the early stages of Customer Discovery, investigators examine

The aim of Problem Scenarios are to provide

Investigators write narratives about Problem Scenarios

Investigators observe customers to understand how they feel about different problem scenarios, what they do in response to different prototypes.

Investigators use focus groups, usability studies, participant observations, and other methods to study customer behavior.

Discussions of problem scenarios are tied to discussions of users, who are typically portrayed as a Customer Personas. Ideally, the Customer Persona represents a type of customer, that is, a cohort of people who behave similarly when they are confronted by the same or a similar problems

Problem Scenario.

In lean design, design thinking, designers
problem scenarios

who buys your services, product, and applications.

, customer discovery and rhetorical analysis.

business .plays a major role in defining problem scenarios. When developers engage in customer discovery, they observe investigate

A Problem Scenario. In rhetorical theory, is the .

  1. A collage of Stakeholders, Audiences. Customers. Personas. People come into a rhetorical situation, they come across a problem space, with a particular perspective. That perspective informs their insights regarding problem scenarios and alternatives.

Problem Scenarios are a rhetorical construct: Different sorts of users, who are sometimes described as personas, use a product or service for particular objects.