Communication Studies

Communication Studies is a field of academic study that explores human communication processes.

Communication theorists use a variety of research methods and theories to explore how communication is produced and interpreted by individuals (intrapersonal competencies) and by co-authors, teams, and institutions and organizations (interpersonal competencies). Common research themes are

  1. Semiotics: How do people use verbal, nonverbal, visual, and aural signs and symbols to create and share messages?
  2. Information Production: How is information created? How does the rhetorical situation or choice of writing tools influence communication? What physiological and cognitive factors impinge invention and revision?
  3. Media Effects: How do communication technologies alter composing, and culture?


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Additional Resources

Communication theorists are especially fond of formalist and textual research methods.

See Communication Theories for summaries of popular communication theories such as Actor-Network Theory (ANT), Cognitive Dissonance Theory, and Confirmation Bias.

Communication Theories,