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Composing is the act of writing–the act of making meaning. Composing is the moment you start writing. Composing is the intersection of thought and language. It’s the moment your thinking and feelings find symbolic expression in some sort of language, whether that’s alphabetical language, visual language, quantitative languge.

Composing can be raw, abbreviated, a form of inner speech.

Composing is an organic, creative process. We feel composing in our bodies as a form of felt sense.

Composing is an act of reasoning.

Composing is the process of using evidence and information literacy practices to explore knowledge claims and the current status of scholarly knowledge on a topic–as reflected by ongoing scholarship and research in a discourse community, such as Writing Studies.

Composing is an act of imagination. People seek to be creative, to create new. products, applications, and services. Creative writers compose works of literature and poetry.

Composing is a rhetorical act.

Composing is a semiotic, socio-cultural process. Writers, speakers, and knowledge workers . . . engage in dialog with one another via shared symbolic systems, including e.g., alphabetical languages, visual languages, genres, and styles.

Composing is a social process. We are members of discourse communities. Tacitly, we learn the vocabulary, the syntax, the grammar of the communities we interact with. As rhetoricians, we take the temperature in the room before we speak. Without being even conscous we are doing it, we mauy engage in code switching behaviors. We adjust as our diction as we cross discourse boundaries

Composing requires intrapersonal competencies. Writers, speakers, knowledge workers . . . need to open their minds, adopt a growth mindset, and practice self-regulation in order to listen and understand the point of view of their audience.

Composing is a generative process. Composing is an act of invention, of finding out what you want to say by writing, by listening, and thinking. . .

Synonyms: Writing; Drafting

Key Concepts: Believing Game; Composing Processes; Rhetoric; Text, Composition

Composing is a where the magic happens. Writers generate ideas as they compose. The act of composing, especially early in the writing process, is characterized by openness, problem solving and creativity.

When composing, writers, artists, knowledge workers . . . engage in a variety of intellectual processes, including Collaboration | Design | Editing | Evidence | Genre | Information Literacy | Invention | Organization | Mindset | Research | Revision | Rhetoric | Style | Writing Studies

Composition Studies, an academic field, is conceptualized