Courses is a forum for faculty to share their courses and projects that employ Writing Commons. Courses provides sample syllabi and projects from faculty who use Writing Commons.

Current Courses

  1. Business Writing by Professors Julie Staggers (Washington State University) and Joseph M. Moxley (Writing Commons).
  2. Fake News & First-Year Writing, Paul T. Corrigan, Southeastern University,
  3. Development English by Alexandria Watkins, Embry Riddle University

Past Courses

  1. Duke MOOC
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. The Ohio State University Composition Curriculum

Courses is a new topic category at Writing Commons. Our goal in creating this section is to create a space for teachers to see how others use Writing Commons. If you are using Writing Commons in your courses, please send us a note and share your resources with your colleagues: Contribute.