Brian Rapp

  1. Why Screenwriters Should Not Write to Direct

    Many beginning screenwriters (or even experienced ones, for that matter) have made the mistake of inserting camera instructions in their scripts. At various points, they have included directions to ZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT, ANGLE ON, PAN TO, TRACK, EXTREME CLOSE UP, or TILT, or have even tried to dictate where the camera should be placed. Though there might be some...

    Published on Aug 27th 2017

  2. Writing Concisely and Avoiding Redundancy

    Conciseness Improves Flow Unfortunately, many writers use sentences that are too wordy.  This is not to suggest that lengthy sentences can never be used (because they certainly can), but most of the time writers make the mistake of using more words than necessary to get their message across.  Take this sentence, for example:  “Michelle was supposed to have her car’s...

    Published on Oct 01st 2015