Daniel Richards

  1. Copyright and Writing

    How might you more effectively integrate multimedia components into your assignment? “Let rhetoric be an ability, in each case, to see the available means of persuasion.” – Aristotle, Rhetoric (1.2.1) With great resources comes great responsibility. Composition does not merely refer to the writing of words on a paper or in a word processing document but also includes the holistic act of using...

    Published on Jan 21st 2012

  2. In-Class Peer Review

    He starts thinking that perhaps today is the perfect time to take one of those “free” days that each student gets for absences.He thinks, This isn’t a “real” class, anyway—I’m not going to miss anything . . . . Why is my instructor making me share my writing with people I just met a few weeks ago? Is she trying...

    Published on Jan 08th 2012

  3. Netiquette (Digital Ethics)

    Netiquette is a hybrid word combining “network” and “etiquette”; it essentially refers to the social code of the Internet. As such, netiquette -- how we communicate, treat others, portray ourselves, and protect ourselves online -- is a question of ethics. Ethics, or moral philosophy, refers generally to how groups and individuals determine moral courses of action. Because ethics refers to...

    Published on May 02nd 2012