How Can We Help You?

Dear Students, Aspiring Writers, and Colleagues.

Would you please share you advice on how we can better help you communicate more effectively in home, school and work contexts.

As we explain at Our Story, our focus since the inception of our project in 2008 has been to help people master 21st century literacies, including critical literacydigital literacyvisual literacy, and information literacy. Now that we have finally–after a year of cleanup–finished the 4th edition, we are beginning to question what we can do next.

Below we ask that you give us some feedback on your thoughts about how we can better serve our users.


  1. If we provided a coaching platform @ Writing Commons, a platform that enabled you to be paid for your consulting services, would you be interested?
  2. What about professional copy editing services for professionals?
  3. How can we help you better support our students and teachers?


  1. Do you get all the help you need from your teachers and schools’ Writing Center? Would you like for us to provide coaching services @ Writing Commons? If offered, what would you be willing to pay for such services?


  1. Would you like to get timely feedback from graduate students or professionals in Writing Studies or related fields?

Let Us Know Better How We Can Help You . . .

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