Lisa Sperber

UC Davis University Writing Program

Lisa Sperber is a lecturer in the UC Davis University Writing Program where she teaches professional writing. Her teaching and scholarly interests include contract grading, transfer, and WAC. She is the co-editor of Teachers on the Edge: The WOE Interviews: 1989-2017 (Routledge). Her co-authored work on graduate writing consultations recently appeared in Praxis.

  1. So Your Instructor is Using Contract Grading…

    Throughout your time in school, most of your classes have probably been graded. If you met certain criteria, you received an “A,” a “B,” a “C,” and so on. Maybe your school used numbers, grades, or GPA-style grading, but whatever the grades looked like, the mechanism was pretty similar. Your teachers probably used a combination of tests, quizzes, essays, presentations,...

    Published on Aug 02nd 2019