Progress Report & Presentation Assignment

The Progress Report Presentation is an assignment composed of two parts:

  1. the first draft of your report
    • focusing on these sections: Introduction, Methods, Results
  2. a recorded progress report presentation accompanied by slides and other visuals.

Assignment Guidelines

Rhetorical Situation


The progress report and first draft of your recommendation report come in the middle of your consulting process for the eight-week long Consulting Simulation (see Professional Writing),

The goal of the Progress Report is to keep your manager apprised of your team’s completed work, to identify a plan of work for remaining tasks, and to outline any challenges you’re facing. This is also a good opportunity to double check your understanding of the assignment.

In business and academic contexts, individual people and teams give progress reports to their supervisors, clients, and teachers. These reports may be given in face-to-face meetings. Increasingly, these updates must be delivered online either in a live video conference or in a recorded presentation.

For this assignment your team must complete two tasks:

  1. Complete the first draft of your report, focusing on these sections: Introduction, Methods, Results
  2. Report on your progress in a recorded progress report presentation accompanied by slides and other visuals.

Rhetorical situation

Audience: Other consulting teams, supervisor (instructor), client if you’re working with a real-world client

Purpose: Inform stakeholders of current project status; get feedback and assistance in resolving any problems with your work process or recommendation report content and structure.


  1. Video conference presentation with slides
  2. formal report

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to

  • understand report genres: progress report and recommendation report
  • plan and prepare a progress report presentation as a member of a distributed work team
  • draft as a member of a distributed team
  • develop information design competencies for written reports and video/slide presentations
  • gain experience selecting and working with presentation tools

Video Conference Presentation Guidelines

Length: ~ 7 minutes for presentation. All team members must participate in the video presentation.

The presentation must be scripted.It should include slides and/or other visuals (Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote, etc.). It must be captioned for audience members who rely on screen reader

In terms of content, the presentation should thoroughly cover the required written content for the report (Introduction, Methods, Results, etc.)

The presentation should be delivered and recorded in Zoom, Panopto, Teams (or similar application that works for your team).

Draft of Report Guidelines

  • The report must address the following content areas:
    • Purpose
    • Summary
    • Introduction
    • Results of research
    • Current status
    • Assessment of your progress/current status
    • Describe work left to be completed
    • Identify any potential problems, obstacles, or barriers to completing the project on time (and identify solutions if you have them)
    • Updated schedule
    • Conclusion
    • References

Formatting requirements

  • Choose an appropriate template for the report
  • Provide in Report Format
  • Use Word’s accessibility checker to ensure your document is accessible

Requirements: Recommendation Report first draft

Write the first draft of your recommendation report. Much of this content will come from work you have already completed, including your Research Proposal and Research Summaries.

The first draft of the recommendation report must include these fully-developed sections

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results (aka “Findings”) -must include secondary research results; include primary research findings if you have them

The draft must also:

  • Include an outline of main points for the Conclusions and Recommendations section
  • Use headings and subheadings formatted with Styles
  • Integrate source material (include in-text citations and a list of references)
  • Mark the spaces where you intend to include visuals (and reference the visuals in the text, as described in the text), but do not include visuals
  • ·      Make use of the comments function in your word processing application (Word or Google docs) to identify any gaps in the content, describe what is missing, and who is responsible for filling the gap
  • ·      Include any comments or questions you have for the instructor (again, the comments function)

The process and timeline: How do I complete this assignment?

Timeline: 1 week

Following these steps will keep your project on track:

  1. Discuss your plan for getting work done in a team meeting
  2. Create a script and slides for the presentation
  3. Schedule a time when everyone can meet to deliver the presentation.
  4. Record the presentation, edit the captions, post and turn in.

At the same time, draft the Introductions, Methods, and Results sections of your report, and develop your report’s overall look/design.

Evaluation criteria

This progress report will be evaluated on these criteria, which come from the learning goals for this course.

Rubric categoryDescription
ContextContent, structure, organization, and design show understanding of progress report context and internal audience needs; document achieves its purpose.
ProcessPresentation reflects planning for internal audience, purpose & context. Revised for completeness, conciseness, and coherence. Visuals are free from error. Presentation was scripted and timings work smoothly. Final product is professional.
Document designApplies CRAP/HATS principles and navigation aids to direct reader’s attention to key ideas/content in presentation. Design is strong in all areas, Presentation is memorable.
ResearchResearch completed is relevant, integrated primarily through summary and paraphrasing, correctly cited in-text and in the bibliography.Connection between research findings and research questions is clear. There are clear connections between research questions, research completed, and research to be completed.  Research is relevant, focused, and useful.
TechnologyUse of presentation technology is sophisticated and rhetorically effective.
Proposal genreProgress report meets genre expectations for content, organization, and formatting. Report purpose is clear. Reader can glean all necessary information about project status from the Summary.  Introduction provides sufficient background on the problem and project for target audience. Uses Task orientation to organize content. Current status and updated schedule are honest and realistic.

Presentation Software

Screen Recording

  • Use a screen capture program such as Screen Recorder & Video Editor | Screencast-O-Matic or to record your presentation.
  • Use Zoom to build a team presentation. You can hold a meeting in Zoom (set it to record) then talk through your presentation with each person talking about a slide or two.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Each of you are required to upload a paragraph or two (100 words max) that
  2. Put a link to your presentation at the Group Project Page.
    1. Add the link as well to your TOC at your Project Management Portfolio.
  3. The Project Manager should coordinate with the group to find a time to meet with me via Zoom to discuss your Visual Progress Report. We need to meet by EOB on 4/2. I prefer afternoon meetings but am flexible. Once a time is set for the group send me a Zoom invite.  Note: If not everyone can be present that’s ok but the goal is for all to be present. We’ll need about 20 minutes but sign up for 30 at Zoom.

When you share Google Folders/Docs with peers and your instructor, double check that all required documents are shared given Edit permissions (rather than simply share).

Your instructor may want (1) to provide feedback directly on your portfolio at the Google site; (2) share your team’s work with other teams/people; (3) assign peer review of student work across teams.

Additional Resources