Christine Photinos

- National University, San Diego

Christine Photinos is the director of the Rhetoric Specialization in the MA English program at National University, San Diego. She teaches classes in rhetoric, technical writing, composition, composition pedagogy, information literacy, film, and literature.


News or Opinion?

Paragraph Transitions

Paragraph transitions refer to the stylistic techniques writers use to bridge the gaps between ideas, ensuring a seamless and logical progression from one point to the next. Effective paragraph transitions signal to readers how two consecutive paragraphs relate to each other. By employing methods ranging from signposting to deductive reasoning, and from causal order to metalanguage, writers can craft a well-organized text. For readers, these transitions act as guides, creating a sense of flow, and enhancing clarity.

Rhetorical Analysis of Film – Elements of Film

Rhetorical choices in film are made on the narrative level (of story/plot), the visual level, and the audio level. Camera range, camera angles, point of view, lighting, editing, sound–these are rhetorical devices (aka elements of film) that directors use to signify meaning, tone, and emotions.

Synthesizing Your Research Findings

Understanding URLs

Understanding URLs (Exercise Answers)