Announcements, Signposting, & Organizational Theses

Announcements, Signposting, & Organizational Theses are passages in texts that writers, speakers, knowledge workers . . use to help their intended audience(s understand how information is organized.

Key Concepts: Clarity

Announcements, Signposting, & Organizational Theses are commonplace in academic and workplace genres. The introduction and conclusion to texts often include Announcements, Signposting, & Organizational Theses.

In school settings, teachers may require students to explain the organization of an essay in order to help students better understand the aims of the different sections of a document. Thus, they could be compared to training wheels as the student progresses through schooling, from high school to college.

However, even in professional, published discourse, Announcements, Signposting, and Organizational Theses are commonplace. Explanations of how a document is organized, how one subject leads to another, help an audience understand the text.

What does change over time, perhaps, is the style of the writer’s, speaker’s, knowledge worker’s . . . Announcements, Signposting, & Organizational Theses. Writers, tend to become more subtle over time regarding how they hold the audience’s hand as they read through a document.

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