Locations of Writing

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In the September 2014 issue of College Composition and Communication, editor Kathleen Blake Yancey opened a special issue on locations of writing with ten vignettes–short reflective pieces where authors considered the meanings of the places where they write and teach. Four of those vignettes are featured here, read by their authors:

  • Joy Santee, “Writer in the Attic: Place-Based Constraints on Research Writing”
  • Lisa Lebduska, “Finding the Metaphor”
  • Marcia Bost, “Writing in and for the Cloud”
  • Peter Wayne Moe, “Of Ballparks and Battlefields”

I add a bit of thoughts on the importance of narrative nonfiction and on the weirdness of the way we talk about digital spaces, but really, the focus is on the original authors, where it ought to be.

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The four vignettes are Copyright 2014 by the National Council of Teachers of English. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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