Textual Research

Textual Research is the process of engaging in dialogs with texts and intepretations of texts.

Textual Research may also be called hermeneutics, dialectics, or scholarship.

Textual Research is

Synonyms: Scholarly Research, Academic Writing, Hermeneutics, Dialectic.

Researchers engage in Textual Research

Synonyms: Secondary Research, Hermeneutical Research, Interpretive Research, Academic Research, Library Research, Desk Research, Review of Literature

As human beings, we engage in textual research when we read and discuss texts. This might involve

  • reading a road sign, a plane schedule
  • search the internet or research databases
  • read books, articles, and texts.

At Writing Commons, we provide strategies for engaging in Secondary Research @ Information Literacy.

“to be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information”

American Library Association, 1989

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