Edit for Grammar

Follow these strategies to edit the grammar of your texts and the texts of others. Learn to identify common patterns of error.
Grammar Grammar

What is Editing for Grammar?

Editing for Grammar refers to the process of proofreading your documents or the documents of other to ensure they are

  • grammatically correct
  • rhetorically appropriate
  • an appropriate

How Can I Check the Grammar of My Texts?

Native speakers of languages learn the grammar of languages chiefly by listening to others and emulating their language practices.

Subsequently, as we leave the family and journey to school, we are introduced to declarative knowledge about grammars.

When revising or editing your work for school and work contexts, consider the following strategies.

  1. Begin by checking your text for errors you’ve tended to make in the past. Review common sentence errors and check for them in. your text.
  2. Review your work at the sentence level, checking
    1. Parts of a Sentence
    2. Sentence Patterns
    3. Sentence Structure
    4. Sentence Types
  3. Review your work at the word level, checking for
    1. Archaism
    2. Bias-Free Language
    3. Cliché
    4. Concrete & Sensory Language
    5. Contractions
    6. Figurative Language
    7. Homonym
    8. Inclusive Language
    9. Jargon
    10. Vague Language, Generalizations
    11. Word Form