Professional Writing


Professional Writing refers to

  1. the writing style of writers and bots in workplace settings.
  2. an archive, a digital trace, a genre of writing produced by an organization–by a discourse community.
  3. a course of study.


Professional Writing may also be known as

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Professional Writing – 3 Definitions

1. Professional Writing refers to the writing style of writers and bots in workplace settings and public settings.

The writing styles of professional writers tend to vary across communities of practice. For instance, the writing style of a lawyer is quite different from that of an accountant or a mathematician. However, across work contexts, there are a number of stylistic attributes that tend to characterize the texts of professional writers, including

  1. Accessible – Universal Design
  2. Writing is Rhetorically Sensitive – Audience Awareness
  3. Prose is concise
  4. Citations follow expected style
  5. Claims are evidence-based, well developed, substantive
  6. Flow & Scannability
  7. Inclusive Language
  8. Truthful
  9. Rhetorical Stance Formal Diction
  10. Simplicity
  11. Topic

2. Professional Writing refers to an archive of the texts produced by an organization–a discourse community.

Traditionally, professional writing refers to all of the writing people do in workplace and public contexts–write communications

s an inclusive term. It includes the conventions of old — The writing style of members of a discourse community

Examples of professional writing: memos, instructions, recommendation reports, tweets on Twitter, blogs, podcasts

3. Professional Writing refers to a topic of study

Professional Writing is also a subject of study. Throughout the U.S., students in colleges and universities take courses on professional writing. These courses are designed to introduce students to

  1. the conventions — the style of writing — used by subject matter experts use t across the disciplines
  2. the genres used by subject matter experts in the disciplines and professions.
Mind map of top level disciplines and professions by Useamuse is licensed CC BY SA 40

Common Undergraduate Courses

During their general education coursework, students may select from a variety of courses that introduce them to workplace writing genres, including

  • Business Writing
  • Engineering Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Writing across the Curriculum
  • Writing in the Health Sciences

Professional Writing Genres

Common genres of professional writing include